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b̯wi̱janjanu̱n1flatness; state of being horizontal, level or in balance8.; without faults or weaknesses, exact and accurate, the best of its kind8.3.7.3Perfect

b̯wozovar.b̯wozohonweight, mass; measurement of how heavy s.t. isSynraati̱ri̱ 28.2.9Weigh8.2.9.1Heavy8.2.8Measure

ki̱lengesyobi̱lengesyonmeasuring device; s.t. used to find the size, quantity or degree of s.t.Synki̱pi̱myo8.2.9Weigh8.2.8Measure

ki̱loki̱loEnglishnkilogram; measure of weight8.2.9Weigh

ki̱pi̱̱pi̱mi̱syobi̱pi̱myonmeasuring device; s.t. used to find the size, quantity or degree of s.t.Synki̱lengesyo8.2.9Weigh8.2.8Measureki̱pi̱myo kya b̯uhyo b̯wa muntunthermometer2.5.7Treat disease8.2.8Measure

ku̱pi̱mavar.ku̱pi̱ma-pi̱mav1evaluate, test, weigh up, assess, compare; consider s.t. very carefully, before deciding to do itSynkugingiira1ku̱lengeseni̱akwi̱sani̱ri̱i̱rya3.2.2.3Evaluate, test8.1.2Count8.3.7.9Value8.2.8Measure8.3.5.2Compare2imagine; have a picture in the mind of what s.t. might be or to try to equate s.t.Synku̱hi̱hi̱ri̱i̱ryakuteeba1 about3.2.1.2Imagine3aim; point a weapon properly at some target7.7.2Aim at a target4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot6.4.1Hunt4measure, weigh; get the length and width, or weight of s.t.Synkulenga28.2.9Weigh8.2.8Measure5survey; find the boundaries of land6.6.6Working with land8.2.8Measure

munzaaniminzaaninweighing scale8.2.9Weigh8.2.8Measure

raati̱ri̱raati̱ri̱n1strength; ability to resist force or hold heavy weights without breaking or being damagedSynb̯unyamaani 1rutegerutwangu8.3.6.1Strong, brittle2.4.1Strong2weight, mass; measurement of how heavy s.t. isSynb̯wozo8.2.9Weigh8.2.9.1Heavy8.2.8Measure