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b̯womezi̱nhealth, wellness; condition of not having any sickness or pain in the body2.5Healthy

ki̱i̱janjanu̱bi̱i̱janjanu̱n1flat; smooth surface without any bends or slopes8. straight object without any curves8.3.1.3Straight3perfect, healthy or well built living creature2.5Healthy8.3.7.3Perfect

mu̱gomoku̱bagomoku̱nfat, healthy person; s.b. who is not emaciated or who has put on weight2.5Healthy8.2.3.2Fat person8.2Big2.4Body condition

mu̱hoi̱mu̱bahoi̱mu̱nfat healthy baby that is big in size due to good health and is unlikely to become ill2.5Healthy8.2.3.2Fat person2.6.4.1Baby2.4Body condition

mu̱nyeetu̱banyeetu̱nhealthy person; s.b. who has put on weight due to good health2.5Healthy8.2.3.2Fat person

mu̱nyi̱ri̱ru̱banyi̱ri̱ru̱nsmooth-skinned person; s.b. whose skin is not dry2.5Healthy8.3.2.1Smooth2.1.4Skin

mwomeeru̱boomeeru̱nhealthy person; s.b. who does not fall sick due to anything2.5Healthy

mwomiboominhealthy person; s.b. who is not feeling any sickness or pain in the body2.5Healthy