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cuumen1state, status, mode; the way s.b. stays or s.t. appears8.3.1Shape2.3.1.8Appearance9., model8States8., similar2method, manner, means; a particular way of doing s.t.Synkakodyomu̱li̱ngo 2nkora9.5.1.3Means9.5.1.4Way, manner6.1.2Method4.3.9.1Custom

kakodyob̯u̱kodyonmethod, manner, means; a particular way of doing s.t.Syncuume 2mu̱li̱ngo 2nkora9.5.1.3Means9.5.1.4Way, manner6.1.2Method4.3.9.1Custom

mbi̱mbambi̱mbanstyle of a building; the way in which s.t. is built9.5.1.3Means9.5.1.4Way, manner6.1.2Method6.5.1Building4.3.9.1Custommbi̱mba gya muntunhuman figure; appearance of s.b.’s body8.3.1Shape2.1Body2Person2.

mudeelimideelinstyle, fashion; the particular way or design in which s.t. is done5.3.9Style of clothing9.5.1.4Way, manner3. mudeelivmake fashionable, e.g., by sewing a fashionable garment, wearing clothes in a fashionable way, make hair fashion, etc. of clothing3.