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hu̱teeri̱mahu̱teeri̱Englishnhotel; building that has accommodation facilities, meals, and a bar that people pay for when they stay there5.2.1Food preparation7.2.4Travel5.2.1.5Serve food6.5.1Building

jokooni̱majokooni̱nkitchen; room or house in which meals are cooked or preparedSynki̱cu̱mbi̱ro5.2.1Food preparation6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.7Room

ki̱cu̱mbi̱̱ti̱mbi̱robi̱cu̱mbi̱roRunyoronkitchen; room or house in which meals are cooked or preparedSynjokooni̱5.2.1Food preparation6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.7Room

kubaagav1skin; remove a skin from the dead animal6.3.4Butcher, slaughter6.6.4.3Working with leather2fillet; split a fish open so as to sun-dry it or smoke it for eating5.2.1Food preparation7.8.3Cut

kucuma1vblanch, parboil; cook s.t. slightly in order to preserve it from going bad5.2.1Food preparation8. methods

kucuunya1v1be almost ready; sauce getting properly cooked without the soup being underdone or overdone5.2.1Food preparation2burn or to set s.t. or s.b. on fire5.5.4Burn8.3.4Hot5.2.1.1Cooking methods

kuganikira2vcook greens by putting a sticky plant in the sauce5.2.1Food preparation5.2.1.1Cooking methods

kukuunuunavbe properly cooked; when sauce remains with little sticky soup5.2.1Food preparation5.2.1.1Cooking methods

kunonga2vbe properly cooked; i.e., without being watery or burnt5.2.1Food preparation5.2.1.1Cooking methods

kuterekeravput food in a cooking utensil when you are about to cook it5.2.1Food preparation

ku̱hi̱ngi̱ravorganise for and take a large or special meal and offer it to s.b. by their relatives, a friend, in-laws, etc. preparation4.2.1.4Visit4.2.2Social event

ku̱ti̱mba1var.ku̱tu̱mbavcook; prepare food by way of warming, boiling, frying, smoking, mingling etc.5.2.1Food preparation5.2.1.1Cooking methodsku̱ti̱mba maacivbrew; make a local alcoholic drink5. preparation

mahi̱gai̱hi̱gancooking stones onto which is placed a cooking pan or any other thing while cooking1.2.2.2Rock5.2.1Food preparation5.5.7Fireplace5.2.1.3Cooking utensili̱hi̱ga lya ndagali̱nhailstone; frozen water like snow that drops down while it is raining1.1.3.4Snow, ice

mu̱ti̱mbi̱bati̱mbi̱ncook; s.b. whose job is to cook food5.2.1Food preparation5.2.1.1Cooking methods

si̱toovu̱si̱toovu̱Englishnstove, cooker; household appliance with wicks, and sometimes pumped, that uses paraffin to cook5.2.1Food preparation5.2.1.3Cooking utensil5.2.1.1Cooking methods