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gi̱loobbu̱gi̱loobbu̱Englishnlight bulb8. source

kaseryab̯u̱seryan1lightning; light that shines like electricity before thunder is heard8., thunder8. source2firefly; small insect that flies with a tail that glows in the nightSynmpyehyeni̱

katadoobavar.todoobab̯utadoobanhurricane lamp; small lamp with a wick that uses paraffin to burn8. source

kucumukavlight a fire; start fire in a lamp, or start a bushfire5.5.1Light a fire8. sourcekucumuka taaravlight a lantern8. source

ku̱kolereeryavignite, kindle; use a box of matches or fire on dry grass or on pieces of paper to light a lamp or start a bush fire5.5.1Light a fire8. source

kyererezi̱byererezi̱n1light; energy from such shinning objects as the sun, moon, lamp etc. that enables us to see things8. source1.1.1Sun2vision; an imagination for the future2.5.6.6Vision, hallucination3.2.1.2Imaginekyererezi̱ kya lyobansunlight8.3.3Light1.1.1Sun

lumulemmulengrass torch; tropical shrub that is lit to provide light, esp. when catching white ants8. source1.5.3Grass, herb, vine

lutambintambinwick; piece of cotton cloth woven like a thread that is inserted in the middle of a hurricane lamp on which fire is lit so that the lamp gives light8. source

masali̱sali̱nglare; reflected light rays from water formed when the sun is brightly shining8. source1.1.1Sun

musubbaawumisubbaawunwax candle in the middle of which is inserted a thread-like wick that burns as it melts8. source5.1Household equipment4.9.8Religious things

taaramataaranlamp; household property, metallic with a glass that uses paraffin to give light8. source