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gongolomagongoloncentipede; small creature like an insect, with a long thin body and many legs1.6.1.9Small animals1.6.1.7Insect

gongoolyamagongoolyandragonfly; slender-bodied non-stinging insect having iridescent wings that are outspread at rest1.6.1.7Insect

halalamahalalankhaki coloured insect sp. that resembles a locust but with yellowish inside wings, which makes a parii-parii sound when flying1.6.1.7Insect

idamadanlouse; small white or black insect, without wings that stays in clothes or s.b.’s hair, and bites sucking blood1.6.1.7Insect

iginyomaginyonmaggot; insect without wings, that is the young one of a fly, and is found in decaying flesh and other food1.6.1.9Small animals1.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.1.7Insect

i̱gwi̱magwi̱nblack or dark brown winged insect sp. with an extremely thin waist that bites and resembles a wasp1.6.1.7Insect

i̱syokoli̱mei̱syokoli̱nblack bull ant; insect without wings, that resembles a certain tropical insect sp., that bites and moves together in a line1.6.1.7Insect

kabi̱ri̱ngi̱tyamakabi̱ri̱ngi̱tyandung beetle; black insect, with wings, a hard body like that of a certain mango flower eating insect and mostly likes moving while rolling a round object like a ball1.6.1.7Insect

kacuba1ncubangrasshopper sp. having a purple colour, brown and light green1.6.1.7Insect

kadoi̱mamakadoi̱mansmall black insect sp. that resides in a community with others in holes of ant-hills and trees where a sweet syrup (like that of honey) is made and which is seen in homes during day times entering and exiting transparent tubes sticking on windows, etc. from animals1.6.1.7Insect

kahookib̯uhookinhoneybee; insect with wings and a stinger that lives and works together and produces honey5.2.3.2Food from animals6.4.4Beekeeping1.6.1.7Insect

kajuurub̯ujuurunlake fly; small white insect, smaller and more common than ‘luhunda’, that flies and likes playing in the night where there is light1.6.1.7Insect

kakaraazab̯ukaraazaninsect sp. with a very strong smell that almost resembles a scorpion1.6.1.7Insect

kaku̱nku̱ni̱b̯u̱ku̱nku̱ni̱nflea; small dark brown insect, without wings, resembles the young one of a jigger, jumps, bites animals and sucks blood and mostly stays on chicken’s eyes, legs and wings1.6.1.7Insect

kaluma mbu̱zi̱b̯uluma mbu̱zi̱ninsect sp. that resembles a bee but is smaller that stays in the bush and in gardens among tall crops like cassava and banana, in a community of about ten and which stings painfully causing swelling1.6.1.7Insect

kanyuunya sukaalibikanyuunya sukaalinblackish-brownish wingless insect sp. that is attracted by sugar smells, e.g., that of banana wine1.6.1.7Insect

kaseryab̯u̱seryan1lightning; light that shines like electricity before thunder is heard8., thunder8. source2firefly; small insect that flies with a tail that glows in the nightSynmpyehyeni̱

kaseenyankwi̱makaseenyankwi̱ninsect sp. that crawls along encased in a nest made of dry vegetable materials with only the head exposed out, and can also put the head inside when necessary1.6.1.7Insect

katunturub̯utunturunsmall white wingless insect sp. that is found on a sitting hen1.6.1.7Insect

keeryanbrown grasshopper sp.

kibaarabibaaranTsetse fly; insect that bites people and animals, sucks blood and spreads sleeping sickness1.6.1.7Insect

kiginyobiginyoncaterpillar; wormlike and often brightly coloured and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth1.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.1.7Insect

kihaarabihaaranmedium-sized non-edible brown locust; tropical flying insect that swarms in large groups, destroying all the plants and crops of an area5.2.3.2Food from animals6.2.5.2Crop failure1.6.1.7Insect

kihiri kya weicopebihiri bya weicopencentipede; crawling insect that has many legs from the head to the tail in two rows1.6.1.9Small animals1.6.1.7Insect