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kubanzavcome first; be ahead of all other thingsKubanza obba osi̱ngi̱ri̱.To come first is when you are leading. front of8.1.1.2Ordinal numbers7.3.2.1Put in front7.2.5.1Go first8.

kwebembeeryavar.kwehembeeryavlet s.b. be in front of you, to be in the lead7.3.2.1Put in front7.2.5.1Go firstder. ofkwebembera

mu̱cweri̱bacweri̱nhunt leader; s.b. who leads in following the foot marks of an animal, who encircles it where it is lying and then others come later to spread the net around it7.2.6Pursue6.4.1Hunt7.2.5.1Go first