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gu̱bbamagu̱bbanfishing method that involves using nets beginning from nine ply to sixty and from eight inch to forty-eight that catch such fish types as Nile perch, Yellowfish etc. with net6.4.5Fishing

kitimbabitimban1fishing net; trap with spaces in between that is woven from nylon threads used for catching fish in water6.4.5.1Fish with net6.4.5Fishing6.4.5.3Fishing equipment2scouring pad; sponge-like material used for bathing or cleaning that is woven from nylon threads5.6.3Wash dishes5.6Cleaning5.6.6Wipe, erasekatimba ka wayanchain link, wire netting fence; thin pieces of wire woven like a net used for making a fence6.5.1.5Fence, wall6.5.1.4Yard

kokotamakokotanbeach seine net; pulling net used in fishing that has a sack at the end6.4.5.1Fish with net6.4.5Fishing6.4.5.3Fishing equipment

kuhambuuravpull hard on a beach sein fishing net from the mud7.3Move something6.4.5.1Fish with net7.3.2.8Pull

ku̱ru̱ku̱ru̱maku̱ru̱ku̱ru̱nfishing method that catches Tilapia and is carried out just as the beach-sein is done6.4.5.1Fish with net6.4.5Fishing

kwonzavcheck through nets that are spread in water in order to remove any caught fish6.4.5.1Fish with net3.2.2.2Check

munjangaminjanganthrowing net that is woven like a beach-sein net with attached weights that has a string that the thrower ties around his wrist and then throws6.4.5.1Fish with net6.4.5Fishing6.4.5.3Fishing equipment

sesemasesenovernight fishing where the nets catch fish like medium size Nile perch, Yellow fish etc. with net6.4.5Fishing

seebaseebankind of fishing method that catches fish with pointed teeth6.4.5.1Fish with net6.4.5Fishing