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gu̱tyagu̱tyansisal sack that carries the capacity of about six full baskets5.2.1.4Food storage6.7.7.1Bag6.7.3Carrying tool6.2.6.4Store the harvest

kideerubideerungranary; food storage that is built like a hut, raised on poles, with a cover on topSynkigogamu̱di̱ri̱mutoogoolo5.2.1.4Food storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Buildingkideeru kya nsimbinbank; institution that provides various financial services, e.g., keeping or lending moneySynbbankaibiikiro lya nsimbi6.8.1.4Store wealth

kigogabigogangranary; building where surplus food, esp. grain, is stored in times of good harvestSynkideerumu̱di̱ri̱mutoogoolo5.2.1.4Food storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Building

kimerabimeranliving thing that has leaves, roots, and a stem1.5Plantkimera kilandanvine; plant that does not grow straight upwards but grows up on another or a long the ground1.5.3Grass, herb, vinekimera kya mpuulengrain crop5. from seeds6.2.1.1Growing grain6.2.6.3Thresh5. from fruit6.2.6.4Store the harvest1.5.5Parts of a plant

mutembumitembunmacramé hanger; s.t. that is woven from sisal in which is hung such things as sauce in order to prevent a cat, insects etc. getting it5.2.1.4Food storage6.6.1Working with cloth7.5.4.1Rope, string6.2.6.4Store the harvest

mutoogoolomitoogoolongranary; building where surplus food, esp. grain, is stored in times of good harvestSynkideerukigogamu̱di̱ri̱ storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Building

mu̱di̱ri̱mi̱di̱ri̱ngranary; food storage hut made of grass with a pole running through it and fixed into the ground used for storing food crops such as bambara nuts, peas, etc.Synkideerukigogamutoogoolo5.2.1.4Food storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Building