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hatalimaaniinterjnot so much, not at all; a reply to a greeting9.4.6.1No, not3.

kwehoogav1deny; refuse to admit or accept s.t.Synkwegaanakwehakanakwepampagula3., not3.3.5.2Reject3.5.2.4Admit4.8.1.1Oppose2betray4.8.2.7Betray3disassociate; say or do s.t. to show that you are not connected with or do not support s.b. or s.t., alone4.1.6.2Set self apart4.1.6Disunity9.6.1.6Dissociation

kyahimuvar.kyahimwokyahimwonaadv1not in; not there9.4.6.1No, not8.1.8.1Empty2untrue; s.t. totally not right3.5.1.3True3negative9.4.6.1No, not4in vain9. result person; s.b. who does not meet the required standards or is of low economic and social standard4. standard3.2.1.4Stupid4.5.6.2Low status4.3.1.4Reputation

nkabbunkabbunrude reply; negative oral response that shows no respect at all to the recipient of the message4. standard9.4.6.1No, not3.5.5.1Obscenity3. poorly4.3.7.1Impolite