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ibanzamabanzandebt, credit; money that you owe s.b. or that s.b. owes you6.8.5Borrow6.8.5.3Owe6.8.5.5Credit6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond

ku̱bi̱i̱ki̱syavdeposit with; give s.b. s.t. to keep for you6.8.1.4Store wealth6.8.5.5Credit7.4.5Keep somethingder. ofkubiika

musimbomisimbon1deposit6.8.4.1Buy6.8.5.5Credit2bail; deposit that you give to a court of law to stand surety for a prisoner on trial6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond

mu̱hori̱bahori̱nlender, creditor; s.b. who has given s.b. money that will be repaid after a period of time6.8.5.1Lend6.8.5Borrow6.8.5.5Credit

mwehori̱beehori̱nborrower, debtor; s.b. who has taken s.b.’s money on agreeing to pay it back after a period of time6.8.5.4Repay debt6.8.5Borrow6.8.5.3Owe6.8.5.5Credit