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ibiikirovar.b̯ubiikiromabiikiron1cupboard, cabinet; household furniture item made of timber or metal with doors, drawers or shelves used for storing or displaying things5.1.1Furniture5.1.1.4Cabinet2storeroom6.8.1.4Store wealth6.8.4.8Store, marketplace6.5.2.7Room5.1.1.4Cabinetibiikiro lya nsimbinbank; institution that provides various financial services, e.g., keeping or lending moneySynbbankakideeru kya nsimbi6.8.1.4Store wealth

i̱du̱u̱kamadu̱u̱kaKiswahilinshop; building or a room in which are things for sale that are displayed in shelves6.8.4.8Store, marketplace6.5.1Building

katalib̯utalinmarket; place where people meet to sell and buy things6.8.4.8Store, marketplace

kutanavbe busy; when a market full of people and goods6., marketplace

muhoozabahoozanmarket master; s.b. who collects money from those who are selling in the market6.8.4.8Store, marketplace

sitoohamasitoohaEnglishnstore; room or a house in which things are kept6.8.1.4Store wealth6.8.4.8Store, marketplace6.5.2.7Room5.1.1.4Cabinet