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ibbanganblood; red liquid that flows through the body tissues of man and animalsSynmusaahi2.2.5Bleed, bloodibbanga li̱ju̱u̱byenmixed race person4.1.9.9Racekutambula kweibbangavcirculate blood; move blood around the body by the heart2.1.8.1Heart

kimala mutimabimala mutimanheart attack2.1.8.1Heart2.5.2Diseaseder. ofmutima

kukuuta kwa mutimavhave an irregular heartbeat2.1.8.1Heartder. ofmutima

kutambula kweibbangavar.kulibata kweibbangavcirculate blood; move blood around the body by the heart2.1.8.1Heartder. ofibbanga

mutimamitiman1heart; organ in the body on the left side of the chest that beats supplying blood around the whole body2.1.8.1Heart2soul, spirit; inner part of s.b. that feels pain, the centre of human thought where true character resides3.1Soul, spirit8.3.5.1Nature, character4Social behavior3.1.1Personality4.3Behavior4.3.1.4Reputationkimala mutimanheart attack2.1.8.1Heart2.5.2Diseasekukama mutimavIdiom. be courageous; continue trying to do or achieve s.t. in spite of being in difficulty4.4.3.1Bravekukuuta kwa mutimavhave an irregular heartbeat2.1.8.1Heartmutima gubiibiadjbad-hearted4.7.3Break the law4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral8. against authority4.3.4.1Do evil tomutima kukuutanrapid heart beat2.1.8.1Heart

mutima kukuutamitima kukuutanrapid heart beat2.1.8.1Heartder. ofmutima