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igegumagegunmolar tooth2.1.1.5Toothkunenira igeguvIdiom. be jealous3.

itimanjealousy, envy; feeling of anger or unhappiness because you wish you had s.t. that s.b. else has3.

i̱hali̱njealousy, envy that may culminate into malice and rivalrySynkimira23., ill will4.1.6.1Unfriendly

kimira2bimiranjealousy or malice towards s.b., whether or not they could be a rivalSyni̱hali̱, ill will4.1.6.1Unfriendly

kunenira igeguvIdiom. be jealous3. ofigegu

mei̱hanjealousy, malice because s.b. you love, e.g., a husband, is showing love interest towards s.b. else3., ill will4.1.6.1Unfriendly

muntu wa mutima gubiibibantu ba mitima mibiibinill-hearted, jealous person; s.b. who does not want to see others succeed or prosper3. bad4.3.1.1Bad, immoralder. ofmuntu

wei̱hali̱bei̱hali̱njealous, envious, resentful person; s.b. who does not want to see other people enjoying themselves3.