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iginyomaginyonmaggot; insect without wings, that is the young one of a fly, and is found in decaying flesh and other food1.6.1.9Small animals1.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.1.7Insect

kiginyobiginyoncaterpillar; wormlike and often brightly coloured and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth1.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.1.7Insect

kugosav1mate; when a male bird reproduces with a female bird1.6.3Animal life cycle2Taboo. have sexual relations with s.b.Synkucugaku̱gambyakutemba22.6.2Sexual relations

kugumav1drop, fall; let s.t. land down, esp. by accident7.3.1.4Knock over7., topple; cause s.t. that is upright to land down7.3.1.4Knock over7.; throw down7.3.1.4Knock over7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.1.1Throw7.3.2.5Lower something7. eggs1.6.3Animal life cycle6.3.6Poultry raising1.6.3.1Egg6.3.6.1Chicken5lose; misplace s.t.Synkurugwahoku̱syereerya7.6.3Lose, misplacekugumira2vanchor; tie a boat so that it does not float away7.

kuhaka2vstate of a cow reaching its time for mating1.6.3Animal life cycle

kukorav1do; perform an activity or a task9.1.2Do2kubba ku mulimo6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupation6.1Workkukoleravwork for6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupation6.1Workkukolirahovact instantlySynkubyokeramu8.; work together and be helpful to each other in order to achieve s.t.Synku̱kobyakwegwaganakwetegerezangana9.5.2.1Together4.3.4.3Cooperate with4.1.2.1Working relationship4.2.1Come together, form a group4.1.5Unity6.6Occupation6.1Work3.2.5.4Agree with someonekukoramwovreproduce8.3.5.6Copy2.6.3Birth2.6.3.8Fertile, infertile1.6.3Animal life cyclekukoramwo kintu b̯wa kandivredo, repeat; do or produce s.t. again or more than onceSynku̱b̯u̱u̱ni̱a3. hamwei̱vnetwork, do in unison; work together9.5.2.1Together4.1.2.1Working relationship7.5.2.1Link, connect4.1.5Unity6.9Business organizationkukoora mu mbwovalternate; work in turns9.1.2.6Change something8.̱koreseb̯wavbe employed; work for s.b., an organisation, government, etc.6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupationku̱koresyav1use; make use of s.t. to do s.t.; give s.b. work to doSynkuha muntu mulimo6.9.2Work for someone6.6Occupation3exploit; overuse s.b. by taking advantage of their ignoranceSynkudiiriira 2kukamula 2kunywereera a personku̱koresya bya kuwonerahovexplain by simplifying difficult issues so that people can understand well2.3.1.4Show, let someone see3.6.1Show, explain3.5.8.4Show, indicate3. atakukoranunemployed personSynei̱cali̱i̱ri̱muntu atali na mulimo6.1.5Unemployed, not working

kunywereerav1suck5.2.2.7Drink1.6.4.2Animal eating1.6.3Animal life cycle2Metaphor. exploit; treat s.b. as an opportunity to gain an advantage for yourself, e.g., by treating them unfairly making them work and not giving them much in returnSynkudiiriira 2kukamula 2ku̱koresya a person

kutoroogav1produce a stillbirth or miscarriage, when an animal is born dead2.5.4.5Birth defect2.2.5Bleed, blood1.6.3Animal life cycle2.6.3.3Miscarriage2.6.3.6Unusual birth2give birth prematurely; when an animal bears its young before the normal time of the pregnancy2.6.3Birth1.6.3Animal life cycle2.6.3.6Unusual birth

kwema2vconceive; act of an animal becoming pregnant1.6.3Animal life cycle

kwemyavmate; when a male animal reproduces with a female animal1.6.3Animal life cycle

kwezoboolyavshed; cast off the top layers of skin, e.g., of a snake1.6.3Animal life cycleder. ofkwobokola

kwobokolavuncover s.t. that had been covered7.3.5Turn something7.3.7.1Uncoverkwezoboolyavshed; cast off the top layers of skin, e.g., of a snake1.6.3Animal life cycle

kwonkavsuckle, breastfeed; suck milk from a mother’s breasts or from the teats of the udder5.2.2.7Drink1.6.4.2Animal eating2. for a baby1.6.3Animal life cyclekwonkyavsuckle, breastfeed; feed an infant breast milk or for an animal to suckle its young5.2.2.7Drink1.6.4.2Animal eating2. for a baby1.6.3Animal life cycle

kwonkyavsuckle, breastfeed; feed an infant breast milk or for an animal to suckle its young5.2.2.7Drink1.6.4.2Animal eating2. for a baby1.6.3Animal life cycleder. ofkwonka

kyefeerabyefeerancarcass; dead animal, esp. one that has died a natural death2.6.6Die2.6.6.2Corpse1.6.3Animal life cycle

lwemuvar.rwemunmating gathering; assembling of animals in one place in order to mate1.6.3Animal life cycle

mwanabaananchild; young human being below 18 years who is not yet an adult2.6.4.2Childmwana atadoori̱npremature baby2.6.4.1Baby2.6.3.6Unusual birthmwana atali na babyeru̱norphan; s.b. who has lost one or both parentsSynnfuuzi4.1.9.4Orphanmwana gwa mbu̱li̱nyoung goat that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive1. animals6.3.1.3Goatmwana gwa mbwenenpuppy; young dog that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive6.3.1.5Dog1.6.3Animal life cyclemwana gwa mpununpiglet; young pig that is not yet ready to fertilise or to conceive6.3.1.4Pigmwana gwa ntaamanlamb; young sheep that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive6.3.1.2Sheepmwana kicuucurunolder toddler; child who is slightly grown learning to talk2.6.4.1Baby2.6.4.2Child4.1.2Types of peoplemwana mukerenbaby; young child that is still sucklingSynnkerembe2.6.4.1Babymwana mutonchild up to 7 years; s.b. who has not yet attained adolescent age2.6.4.2Childmwana mutwekenillegitimate child; offspring who has been produced outside a marriage relationshipSynkitwekerano4.1.9.5Illegitimate child

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