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ihalanfemininity, feminine pride; boasting in girls, esp. due to adolescence2.6.5Male, female2.6.5.2Woman2.6.4.3Youth

mu̱kali̱bakali̱n1woman; adult person who is not a man2.6.5Male, female2.6.5.2Woman2madam2.6.5.2Woman

mwanaalibaanaalinmarried daughter; title used by everyone from where a woman was born to refer to any married woman4., daughter4.1.2Types of people2.6.5.2Woman

mwiraab̯ubeiraab̯unfemale friend; s.b. who is a close friend (between women)4.1.1Friend2.6.5.2Woman

ndiilenvery beautiful and well built woman who is admired by many peopleSynndengeeti̱ sexually2.6.5.2Woman2.