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i̱di̱nda2madi̱ndanpleat; one of the folds sewn on the front part of a pair of trousers coming directly from the waist5.3.6Parts of clothing8.

kugema1Runyorovfold; bend s.t. so that one part lies on top of another partSynkugonyakukata 1kukubaku̱ku̱nya 1ku̱zi̱nga

kugonyavfold; bend, esp. paper or fabric, so that one part lies on top of another partSynkugema1kukata 1kukubaku̱ku̱nya 1ku̱zi̱nga

kukubavfoldSynkugema1kugonyakukata 1ku̱ku̱nya 1ku̱zi̱nga; go back where you have come from or where you have been7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move back

ku̱ku̱nyav1fold; bend s.t. carefully so that one part lies on top of anotherSynkugema1kugonyakukata 1kukubaku̱zi̱nga up; make s.t. be not straight8., wring7.3.5Turn something8. up3squeeze clothes when washing to remove dirt7.7.4Press8., wring5.6.4Wash clotheskweku̱nya2vbe folded; not to be straight8.

kweku̱nya2vbe folded; not to be straight8. ofku̱ku̱nya

lugongongongon1lateral line, spine; backbone shaved off with some flesh from a fish already cut open1.6.2.3Parts of a fish2fold line; crease5.3.6Parts of clothing8.3.1.5Bend8.