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jaajimajaajinsecond-hand clothing, e.g., used shoes or clothes5.3Clothing8., not new3., wear out

kadeiadjancient, very old; belonging to times long past8., not new8. fashioned

ki̱gu̱u̱lu̱u̱su̱adjaged, very old; not new or having existed or been used for a long time8., not new8. fashioned

ki̱si̱i̱hu̱u̱ku̱bi̱si̱i̱hu̱u̱ku̱nfaded thing; s.t. that has lost freshness or brilliance of colour8., not new8. color

kukenkavbecome stale; go bad or become salty, esp. of beer5.2.3Types of food8.3.7.8Decay2.3.3Taste8., not newkukenkemukiiravhave a salty taste5.

kusensedukavbecome ragged; get torn completely into a rag8., not new5.6.4Wash clothes

kuyaayuukavget worn out through normal use, of clothes5.3Clothing8., not new7.9Break, wear out

ku̱nyu̱u̱lu̱u̱kavbe worn off; become torn off due to extreme weakness8., not new7.8.2Crack7.9Break, wear out