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jaakajaakanjackfruit; domestic fruit tree that bears large elongated fruit that contain many seeds encircled by an edible soft fatty yellowish substance1.5.1Tree5. from fruit

kali̱tu̱u̱si̱mi̱kali̱tu̱u̱si̱EnglishnEucalyptus tree1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

kibirabibiranforest; large area of very many trees and other plants growing closely together1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering6.5.1.3Land, property1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert1.2.1Land

kipaapaalibipaapaalinpawpaw, papaya; domestic tree with wide leaves that bears edible fruit that when ripe are yellow with black seeds1.5.1Tree5. from fruit

ki̱nazi̱̱nazi̱bi̱nazi̱ntree sp. that resembles a palm tree and bears large coconuts with liquid inside that people suck1.5.1Tree

ki̱tu̱u̱gobi̱tu̱u̱goncoconut; big wild palm tree sp. that grows straight without branches with palmate leaves and edible fibrous fruit with a large seed, that is not used to produce cooking oil1.5.1Tree5. from seeds6. coconuts

mangadanMandarin; domestic tree that is very like an orange tree but with smaller fruit that are very sweet1.5.1Tree

mucungwavar.mucungwomicungwan1orange tree; big domestic tree with thorns, scented leaves and with juice that is squeezed and sugar added in to make a drink1.5.1Tree5. from fruit2orange; fruit of an orange tree1.5.1Tree5. from fruitmicungwandrink made from oranges to which sugar has been added5.2.3.6Beverage5. from fruit

mudendemulemidendemulenwild tree sp. with scratchy leaves, small sticky fruit, that is used for building structures for traditional rituals1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mugaalimigaalintropical hardwood tree sp.1.5.1Tree

mukanagamikanaganwild tree sp. with a red colour, that has small hard brittle leaves that remain stuck on the hand when you touch it1.5.1Tree

mukandwamikandwanwild tree sp. whose leaves and colour very much resemble the ‘mulaaliki’ tree except for the fact that it has thorns and is very strong and brittle1.5.1Tree

mukaramikaranwild tree sp. that grows tall, greyish in colour, with leaves like those of a mango tree, but shorter and broader and in strength it is next to the hardest tropical tree1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mukindomikindonpalm tree; straight tropical tree with a mass of long leaves at the top, that are used by Christians to march with on Palm Sunday1.5.1Tree

mukolyomikolyonwild tree sp. with rough bark, without thorns, slightly large leaves and it is very good for making charcoal1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mukomamikomanwild tree sp. that grows with straight branches, with leaves that are not very large and is not easily broken1.5.1Tree

mukunkulumikunkulunwild tree sp. with bitter leaves that bears inedible fruit1.5.1Tree

muliramilirantree sp. that is planted at home like an Acacia tree, has a brown colour when dry, with round fruit, grows very tall but not very wide1.5.1Tree

muloolomiloolonbig wild tree sp. that has thick brittle leaves, and bears long fruit that swing in space1.5.1Tree

munongominongonbig wild tree sp. with greyish bark, without thorns and when dry decays very fast1.5.1Tree

musaalimisaalintree; tall plant that has roots, a stem, leaves and branches1.5.1Tree

musaali gwa ngaasimisaali mya ngaasincoconut tree; straight tropical tree with a mass of long leaves at the top, that bears coconuts that are large nuts having a hard hairy shell containing a soft white substance that can be eaten and juice that can be drunk or that can be used to produce cooking oil1.5.1Tree5. from seeds6. coconutsder. ofngaasi

musege2misegenwild tree sp., greyish in colour, grows under other trees, has small leaves and does not grow very tall1.5.1Tree

musinisinimisinisininwild tree sp. that does not grow big, has small leaves with thin clubs that are not easily broken, and is used for making rings for constructing granaries1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

musisiyemisisiyenbig wild tree sp. with small leaves that grows very thick and very strong1.5.1Tree