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kagoobeerondiscrimination, favouritism; treating one person or group in an unfair way with respect to othersSynkasoroorokatondo4.3.4Do good to4.3.2Admire someone2. a child4.3.3Love3., be unfair3.3.1.2Choose

kifaafabifaafannuisance, spoilt person; s.b. whose behaviour annoys other people, i.e., his behaviour does not conform to accepted moral values and standardsSynb̯ugwagwa in behavior3. a child4.7.9.4Discriminate, be unfair

kugoobeeravdiscriminate; treat one person or group better than another in an unfair waySynkusoroora 3kutonda 2kutongoolakwahu̱kani̱a, be unfair

kutondav1list; mention or include s.t. in a listSynku̱sorongya8., sequence7.5Arrange3.5.7.6List7.5.5Organize2discriminate; treat one person or group better than another in an unfair waySynkugoobeerakusoroora 3kutongoolakwahu̱kani̱a, be unfair

kwahu̱kani̱av1distinguish, differentiate; give the difference between two or more things8., test3.2.6.2Recognize2segregate, discriminate, separate, divideSynkugoobeerakusoroora 3kutonda 2kutongoola7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.5.1.2Include4.7.9.4Discriminate, be unfair3divide or break s.t. into small pieces or parts7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.8Divide into piecesder. ofkwahukana

mu̱goobeeri̱bagoobeeri̱nunfair unjust person; s.b. who discriminates4.7.9.2Unfair4.7.9.4Discriminate, be unfair