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kahendub̯uhendunmathematical problem or question8.1.2.1Mathematics

kicweka kya kintu kyeb̯u̱lu̱ngu̱su̱bicweka bya bintu byeb̯u̱lu̱ngu̱su̱narc; a continuous portion of a circle8.3.1.6Round8.1.2.1Mathematicsder. ofkicweka

kubala1vcount; recite numbers in their order8.1.2Countkubala kwa namba na nyugutanalgebra8.1.2.1Mathematicskubala2nmathematics; study of numbers and shapes8.1.2.1Mathematicskubaliirav1sum, add, account; calculate carefully in order to get the total amount of s.t. or in order to balance an equation8.1.2.2Add numbers8.1Quantity6.8.7Accounting2estimate; form a rough picture in the mind of cost, size, value, etc. about s.t. so3.2.2.3Evaluate, test8.; assess3.2.2.3Evaluate, test8.1.2Count8.3.7.9Value8.2.8Measure8.3.5.2Comparekya kubalanequation8.1.2.2Add numbers8.1.2.1Mathematics

kubala2nmathematics; study of numbers and shapes8.1.2.1Mathematicsder. ofkubala1

kubala kwa namba na nyugutakubala kwa namba na nyugutanalgebra8.1.2.1Mathematicsder. ofkubala1

kwi̱ramuvreply, respond, answer, repeat; say or write in order to tell s.b. about what he has asked9.1.2.2React, respond3.6.8Answer in a test3.̱ramu bigezuvanswer in a test3.6.8Answer in a test8.1.2.1Mathematicskwi̱rei̱ramwovbe recurring, repeating3.

lukaarankaaran1verse, line; small section of a song or of a chapter in a bible8.3.1.2Line4.2.3.3Sing4.9.3.1Sacred writings3.5.4.4Poetry2series; things done one after the other8., sequence8.1.1Numberlukaara lwa hakati̱naxis8.3.1.2Line8.1.2.1Mathematics