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kajagarai̱revar.kajagaarun1impatience, irritability, irascibility; state of being excited, not relaxed and with strong emotion3.4.2.3Angry4.3.6.1Lack self-control3., self-indulgence; lack of self-control in behaviour4.3.6.1Lack self-control4. without restraint, mouthing off; making s.t. known to others in a way that is not acceptable to all, e.g., publicising s.t. in an exaggerated waySynb̯u̱horozi̱keera self-control3. a lot

kajali̱nrepeated behaviour that attempts to publicise s.t. in an exaggerated mannerSynkaci̱ri̱kahya3.

keeran1publicity in an exaggerated manner that involves making s.t. known to others in a way that is not acceptable to all, e.g., when a politician publicises his election victory in an exaggerated waySynb̯u̱horozi̱kajagarai̱re volatility; quality of not being calm and reasonable or easily upset3.4.2.3Angry4.3.6.1Lack self-control4.8.2.8Violent4.

kuhaariizavar.kuhariizav1praise; talk well about s.b. putting him at a higher standard due to admirationSynkucakakukugizakunyumizakupaakaku̱ramyakutendakutumbula4.5.5Honor4.3.2Admire someone3.2.5.9Approve of something3.5.1.7Praise2cheer4.2.6.2Sports3. for3.; praise s.b. without sincerity3.; make s.t. seem longer, better, worse or more important than it really isSynkwata i̱ku̱ha ku̱nolya mutokwongera̯wavbe praised4.5.5Honor4.3.2Admire someone3.5.1.7Praise4.3.1.4Reputationkwehaariizavshow off, boast, be proud; brag about your status, importance, or achievements4.3.2.4Show off4.3.2.3Proud3.

kwongerav1add, extend; make the quantity of s.t. increaseSynku̱teerya to something7.3.4.7Extend8.1.4.2Increase2exaggerate; make s.t. appear better, worse or of higher value than it really isSynkuhaariiza 4kwata i̱ku̱ha ku̱nolya muto3.; praise s.b. without sincerity3. a little more7.5.2.3Add to something8.1.4.2Increase2conjin addition; furthermore9.6.1.1And, alsokwongeramuvadd into; put s.t. into s.t. else so as to increase the size, number, amount, etc. to something8.1.4.2Increasekwongeramwo maaniv1accelerate7.2.1.2Move quickly2add effort, struggle, try hard to make an attempt to do s.t. esp. when it is difficult to do3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.6Endure2.4.3Energetic6., force6.1.2.1Try, attempt6. hard2.4.1Strongkwongerayovpostpone; call s.t. off for another timeSynku̱sambi̱i̱rya8.

muto2mitonsoup; liquid that remains when the sauce is ready, in which s.b. soaks food5.2.3.4Prepared foodkwata i̱ku̱ha ku̱nolya mutovIdiom. exaggerateSynkuhaariiza 4kwongera