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kaki̱zi̱nambition; desire to work hard and earn to be self sustainable emulating those who are well established, or even to become better off than them3.3.1.6Determined6.

ku̱kwerekeera2vyearn; want s.t. very much, esp. when it is very difficult to get3.3.1.8Lust6., love3.4.1.4Interested

kweli̱gi̱ji̱i̱ravbecome excited, lust, crave; have extreme desire for s.t. that you do not yet know whether you will get3., love3.4.1.4Interested

kweni̱nghi̱ni̱i̱ravlust for, crave after; have an extreme wish for s.t. that you do not yet know whether you will get3.3.1.8Lust6., love3.4.1.4Interested

nzalanzalan1famine; lack of food in a place for a long period5.2.2.5Hungry, thirsty6.2.5.2Crop failure2.5.2.1Malnutrition, starvation2hunger, craving; excessive need or desire for s.t., love3.4.1.4Interested

rwanjunlust; excessive desire to repeatedly want s.t. even to the extent of disgusting othersKwicala na muntu ali na rwanju ki̱keehya mikagu.To stay or associate with a lustful person reduces chances for friendship with people.Synbicokobijogomeeraijaniiroho 1kihikalwagameeromu̱koi̱jomurusinyoota, love3.4.1.4Interested