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kali̱tu̱u̱si̱mi̱kali̱tu̱u̱si̱EnglishnEucalyptus tree1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

kibirabibiranforest; large area of very many trees and other plants growing closely together1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering6.5.1.3Land, property1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert1.2.1Land

kutemav1chop, cut; use a large sharp instrument to divide s.t. a field2remove cassava or sweet potatoes from the garden after they mature6.2.4.2Uproot plants6.2.5Harvestkutema ki̱i̱navdig a holeSynkulima ki̱i̱nakwemba6.6.6Working with land6.2.2.2Plow a field6.2.2.1Clear a field7.8.6Dig6.2.2Land preparationkutemahovcut off a piece from s.t.7.8.3Cut7.8Divide into pieceskutemamuvdivide up7.8.1Break7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.8.3Cut7.8Divide into pieceskutema-temavcut into pieces; use a sharp instrument to repeatedly separate s.t.7.8.3Cut7.8Divide into pieces

ku̱hyeb̯u̱lavchop; cut off a bigger part of s.t. at once than could normally be done6.6.3.1Lumbering7.8.3Cut6.2.2.1Clear a field

kwatavbreak; crack or crush s.t. moulded or carvedSynku̱bbegu̱lakubbibbinulakubinya 17.8.1Break7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damagekwatikav1be broken, cracked or crushed into pieces7.8.1Break7.8.3Cut6.7.2Pounding tool6.2.6.2Mill grain5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation5. in mortar and pestle7.7.6Grind5. flour7.8.2Crack7.8Divide into pieces2Metaphor. be in dissension, discord, disagreement, disunity3. kisaali hab̯wa kutunga nkwi6.6.3.1Lumbering7.8.3Cut6.2.2.1Clear a field2divide; separate s.t. into small parts or pieces7.8Divide into pieceskwezatyamuvMetaphor. become split up; discontinue an association, when people who have been together or in unity divide themselves4.1.6Disunity

kwatyav1kupaculamu kisaali hab̯wa kutunga nkwi6.6.3.1Lumbering7.8.3Cut6.2.2.1Clear a field2divide; separate s.t. into small parts or pieces7.8Divide into piecesder. ofkwata

lubbaahumbaahuntimber, plank, board; piece of wood that is cut for use in building6.6.3.2Wood6.6.3.1Lumbering6.2.5.4Plant product6.5.3Building materials6.6.3Working with wood

lupaapimpaapinboard; flat piece of timber used for making, e.g., shutters, the top part of a table etc. product6.5.3Building materials6.6.3Working with wood

mpasampasanaxe; tool with a heavy metal blade in which is fixed a wooden handle that is used for splitting wood, cutting trees, etc. with wood6.7.1Cutting tool

mudendemulemidendemulenwild tree sp. with scratchy leaves, small sticky fruit, that is used for building structures for traditional rituals1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mukaramikaranwild tree sp. that grows tall, greyish in colour, with leaves like those of a mango tree, but shorter and broader and in strength it is next to the hardest tropical tree1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mukolyomikolyonwild tree sp. with rough bark, without thorns, slightly large leaves and it is very good for making charcoal1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

musinisinimisinisininwild tree sp. that does not grow big, has small leaves with thin clubs that are not easily broken, and is used for making rings for constructing granaries1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

musongimisonginlarge tropical hard wood tree sp. with hard and rough leaves about the size of mango tree leaves, has a trunk that can be split into timber1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mutumbamitumbanMuvule; forest tree, extremely strong that grows very tall and very big1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mu̱sambyami̱sambyantropical tree sp. with small hard leaves providing poor shade, but that provides good rafters that can be used for construction purposes1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

mu̱su̱meeni̱mi̱su̱meeni̱nhandsaw, pitsaw; tool with sharp pointed teeth used for cutting or splitting pieces of timber6.6.3.1Lumbering6.6.3Working with wood6.7.1Cutting tool

ndu̱li̱ndu̱li̱nlog; large heavy piece of wood that is cut from a felled tree6.6.3.2Wood6.6.3.1Lumbering6.2.5.4Plant product6.5.3Building materials6.6.3Working with wood

ngomangomanforest tree sp. that grows extremely big and very tall, out of which timber is made and canoes carved1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering

nkonginkonginstump; bottom part of a tree left in the ground after the rest has fallen or been cut down1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering1.5.5Parts of a plant