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kamanzab̯umanzanpiece of ground that is prepared by smearing a surface specifically for sun drying food like cassava and grains6.2.6Process harvest1.2.1Land

katandaarub̯utandaarunstand; small table like structure used for spreading out things, e.g., a market stall or rack for drying dishes outside1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest5.6.3Wash dishes

kibandabibandan1boat workshop; place where boats are made7. where people gather to watch football on screen, etc., assembly6.5.1Building4.6.7.4Community3rack for drying and keeping tobacco leaves1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest6. tobacco

kubbusula1vremove shells from bean or bambara-nuts seeds after soaking them in water5. shell, skin6.2.6Process harvest

kuhoogoolavremove husks from a crop, esp. from maize cobs5. shell, skin6.2.6Process harvest

kuhuuhuulavwinnow; blow a current of air through grain in order to remove the chaffSynku̱hehyakukunkuutaku̱segenya2kusiihuula6.2.6Process harvest6.2.6.1Winnow grain

kukomavar.kukoomoorakukoomooramwov1sort, choose, pick, select; separate things of one type from othersSynkusoroora, test3.3.1.2Choose2elect, appoint; vote in order to get the winner in order to put s.b. on the job or in a position of responsibility4.6.6.3Represent4.6.6.4Election4.5.3.4Appoint, delegate3.3.1.2Choose3vote; express preference for a candidate, a resolution or an opinion by marking a paper, lining up or raising hands4.6.6.3Represent3.3.1.3Cast lots4.6.6.4Election4.5.3.4Appoint, delegate4.6.6.5Politics3.3.1.2Choose4remove chaff from good grain7.3.3.1Take something from somewhere7.3.2.7Take something out of something6.2.6Process harvest7.5.2.4Remove, take apart5find s.t. by chance that you never expected and pick it up7.3.4.2Pick up4.4.5Chanceku̱komesyavconduct, organize elections so that people can choose their own leaders as they wish4.6.6.4Electionkwekomeramuvchoose, select, pick, decide on your own between two or more things what you want3.3.1Decide, plan3.3.1.2Choose

kukunkuutavwinnow; using a winnowing basket to blow a current of air through grain in order to remove the chaffSynku̱hehyakuhuuhuulaku̱segenya2kusiihuula6.2.6Process harvest6.2.6.1Winnow grain

kusiihuulavwinnow; blow a current of air through grain in order to remove the chaffSynku̱hehyakuhuuhuulakukunkuutaku̱segenya26.2.6Process harvest6.2.6.1Winnow grain

kusukusavpod; remove husks or shells from groundnuts, beans, peas etc. by hitting5. shell, skin6.2.6Process harvest

kutondoolav1skin, peel; remove the skin or a shell from s.t., esp. fruit7.8.3Cut5. shell, skin5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation2scrape; remove maize grains from a maize cob6.2.6Process harvest

ku̱hehyavwinnow; use a flat device to blow out husks from grainsSynkuhuuhuulakukunkuutaku̱segenya2kusiihuula6.2.6Process harvest6.2.6.1Winnow grain

ku̱segenya2vwinnow; blow a current of air through grain in order to remove the chaffSynku̱hehyakuhuuhuulakukunkuutakusiihuula6.2.6Process harvest6.2.6.1Winnow grain

kwomyav1dry, cause s.t. to become dry1.3.3.1Dry2empty out8.1.8.1Empty3preserve by drying1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest8. ofkwoma

kyohyobyohyonstick used for separating the green chaff from sisal fibre6.6.1Working with cloth6.2.6Process harvest

lugalingalinwinnowing tray; round, flat household object woven from thin sticks like a basket, esp. for winnowing or sieving6.2.8Agricultural tool6.2.6Process harvest6.2.6.1Winnow grain5.1Household equipment

lukoodinkoodindrying rack; frame made for drying simsim1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest