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kamerakameraEnglishncamera; equipment for taking photographs3.5.9.4Movie6.6.5.2Photography

ndabi̱sondabi̱son1mirror; shinny piece of glass that s.b. uses to see his imageSynndoorwamu2.3.1.7Reflect, mirror2screen; large flat surface that films, movies or pictures are shown on, or a TV or computer screen2.3.1.5Visible3.5.9.4Movie6.7.9Machinendabi̱so gi̱kanyeetya rundi gi̱kakeehyanlens6.6.5.2Photography

ti̱ki̱ti̱mati̱ki̱ti̱Englishnticket; printed piece of paper that gives the right to travel on a particular bus, train, etc. or to go into a theatre, etc.