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kasamburab̯usamburanshorter dry season between the first rainy season of the year and the second rainy season of the year8.4.1.5Season1.3.3.1Dry1.1.3Weather1.1.3.8Drought

kasumib̯usuminseason, period of time; length of time that s.t. lasts8.4.1.5Season8.4.1Period of time8.4Time3.5.4.5History8.4.7.3Interval

kibbagabibbaganseason in a year in which there is very much rainfall8.4.1.5Season1.1.3.3Rain

kyandabyandandry season, drought; lack of rain for a long period8.4.1.5Season1.3.3.1Dry1.1.3Weather1.1.3.8Drought

mu̱ju̱mbi̱mi̱ju̱mbi̱nweather without sunshine, with long lasting drizzles or rain covering most of the day and cold throughout the day8.4.1.5Season1.1.3.3Rain