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kasamburab̯usamburanshorter dry season between the first rainy season of the year and the second rainy season of the year8.4.1.5Season1.3.3.1Dry1.1.3Weather1.1.3.8Drought

katandalikeb̯utandalikendrying rack; household item used for drying kitchen utensils like plates, sauce pans, etc. dishes

katandaarub̯utandaarunstand; small table like structure used for spreading out things, e.g., a market stall or rack for drying dishes outside1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest5.6.3Wash dishes

kibandabibandan1boat workshop; place where boats are made7. where people gather to watch football on screen, etc., assembly6.5.1Building4.6.7.4Community3rack for drying and keeping tobacco leaves1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest6. tobacco

kitaatubitaatundrying rack; structure on which things are spread out for drying1.3.3.1Dry

kukasavdry slightly; state of s.t. having received only slight sunshineSynkuwaaya1.3.3.1Dry

kuwaayavdry slightly; state of s.t. having received only slight sunshineSynkukasa1.3.3.1Dry

ku̱konkomokavhave dry skin such that the body becomes greyishSynkukwenya1.3.3.1Dry2.5.6Symptom of disease2.1.4Skin

kwanikirav1spread out to dry; put s.t. in the sun so that it dries out1.3.3.1Dry2Metaphor. make s.t. plain, obvious; bring out into the open7.5.8Simple, complicated8.3.8.1Simple, plain3.2.3.3Secret

kwomyav1dry, cause s.t. to become dry1.3.3.1Dry2empty out8.1.8.1Empty3preserve by drying1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest8. ofkwoma

kyandabyandandry season, drought; lack of rain for a long period8.4.1.5Season1.3.3.1Dry1.1.3Weather1.1.3.8Drought

kyomubyomuns.t. dry; free from liquid or moisture1.3.3.1Dry

lukoodinkoodindrying rack; frame made for drying simsim1.3.3.1Dry6.2.6Process harvest

mu̱konkomoku̱bakonkomoku̱ns.b. whose skin has dried and has turned greyish1.3.3.1Dry2.5.6Symptom of disease2.1.4Skin