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kaseryab̯u̱seryan1lightning; light that shines like electricity before thunder is heard8., thunder8. source2firefly; small insect that flies with a tail that glows in the nightSynmpyehyeni̱

kuneeravglisten; shine due to wetting with oil8.

kusuukavshine, of the sun, moon or stars8.

ku̱seryavflash; emit light quickly once or quickly at intervalsSynku̱myankya8., thunder8.3.3.1Shine

kyererezi̱byererezi̱n1light; energy from such shinning objects as the sun, moon, lamp etc. that enables us to see things8. source1.1.1Sun2vision; an imagination for the future2.5.6.6Vision, hallucination3.2.1.2Imaginekyererezi̱ kya lyobansunlight8.3.3Light1.1.1Sun

masali̱sali̱nglare; reflected light rays from water formed when the sun is brightly shining8. source1.1.1Sun