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kawonerob̯uwoneron1indicator, symbol, sign, symptom; s.t. that shows that s.t. will happen or happened or where s.t. is7.2.4.8Map3.5.6Sign, symbol3.5.8.4Show, indicate2.5.6Symptom of disease2example, model, sample; a person, action, letter, figure, picture, etc. used to stand for a wider thing3.5.6Sign, symbol8.3.5.4Pattern, model8.3.5Type, kindkya kuwonerahoconjfor example9.6.3.5Markers of identificational and explanatory clauses

kusoma1vread, study, learn; look at and understand the meaning of written or printed wordsSynkupenakwega 23.5.7Reading and writing3.5.7.3Read3.2.2Learn3.2.2.1Studykusoma maapuvstudy a given map7.2.4.8Map2.3.1.3Examine3.2.2.1Studykusomeera mulimovspecialise in one work6.9.2Work for someone

kyapabyapan1sign, signpost; words or pictures on a piece of paper, wood or metal in order to direct people6.5.4.1Road7.2.4.8Map3.5.6Sign, symbol3.5.8.4Show, indicate2stain, mark; irregular-shaped small area of dirt, a spot or a cut on a surface that spoils its appearanceSynkibbaati7.7.7Mark8. color, marking5.6.1Clean, dirty8. color8., logo, label; picture for a given brand or a written or printed symbol that is used as a sign of s.t., e.g., the quality of s.t. or who made or owns it etc.7.7.7Mark3.5.6Sign, symbol4scar; recognisable cut on the skin that spoils its appearance, but that can be used as an identifying markSynlaama color, marking5.4.6Ritual scar2.5.3Injure2.1.4Skin