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kitulugumabitulugumanparticle; small solid piece of s.t.Synkitungutulu8.1.6.2Piece

kitungutulubitungutulunparticle; small solid piece of s.t.Synkituluguma8.1.6.2Piece

ki̱bboli̱bbobi̱bboli̱bbonlump; piece of s.t. hard or solid, usually without a particular shape, e.g., a lump of soil, flour, cement, sugar, etc.

lukekeenwankekeenwanshard of broken pottery8.1.6.2Piece6.6.2.4Working with clay

ndagalikandagalikancrumb, fragment; very small piece of s.t. that has fallen off a larger piece8.1.6.2Piece8.6Parts of things8.1.6.1Part