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ki̱i̱janjani̱bi̱i̱janjani̱ns.b. born with a deformity, having an abnormal shape2.5.4.5Birth defect2.6.3.3Miscarriage2.6.3.6Unusual birth

kukiika2vdie while giving birth2.6.6Die2.6.3.6Unusual birth

kutoroogav1produce a stillbirth or miscarriage, when an animal is born dead2.5.4.5Birth defect2.2.5Bleed, blood1.6.3Animal life cycle2.6.3.3Miscarriage2.6.3.6Unusual birth2give birth prematurely; when an animal bears its young before the normal time of the pregnancy2.6.3Birth1.6.3Animal life cycle2.6.3.6Unusual birth

mwanabaananchild; young human being below 18 years who is not yet an adult2.6.4.2Childmwana atadoori̱npremature baby2.6.4.1Baby2.6.3.6Unusual birthmwana atali na babyeru̱norphan; s.b. who has lost one or both parentsSynnfuuzi4.1.9.4Orphanmwana gwa mbu̱li̱nyoung goat that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive1. animals6.3.1.3Goatmwana gwa mbwenenpuppy; young dog that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive6.3.1.5Dog1.6.3Animal life cyclemwana gwa mpununpiglet; young pig that is not yet ready to fertilise or to conceive6.3.1.4Pigmwana gwa ntaamanlamb; young sheep that is not yet ready to fertilize or to conceive6.3.1.2Sheepmwana kicuucurunolder toddler; child who is slightly grown learning to talk2.6.4.1Baby2.6.4.2Child4.1.2Types of peoplemwana mukerenbaby; young child that is still sucklingSynnkerembe2.6.4.1Babymwana mutonchild up to 7 years; s.b. who has not yet attained adolescent age2.6.4.2Childmwana mutwekenillegitimate child; offspring who has been produced outside a marriage relationshipSynkitwekerano4.1.9.5Illegitimate child

mwana atadoori̱baana batadoori̱npremature baby2.6.4.1Baby2.6.3.6Unusual birthder. ofmwana

nyamagoyebanyamagoyenalbino; s.b. born without the usual skin colour and having whitish hair2.5.4.5Birth defect1.6.1Types of animals8. birth

u̱ku̱mu̱u̱ku̱mu̱npost-term baby; child born after the due date of nine months2.6.4.1Baby2.6.3.6Unusual birth