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kiheru1biherunabuse, humiliation, degradation; rude and offensive remarks made by s.b. against another person due to him having less possessions than anotherSynki̱lu̱mo3.4.2.3Angry3.

kubyokav1wake up; stop sleeping and get out of bedSynku̱si̱si̱mu̱ka5.7.3Wake up5.7Sleep2get up, stand up, rise; stop lying and sit up or stop sitting and stand up7.1.1Stand7.2.2.4Move upkubyokeramuvrespond or act instantly; immediately depart to go somewhere after receiving an urgent message or after being ordered to do s.t.Synkukoliraho8. quickly9.1.2.2React, respond8.4.8.1Quick8.4.8.3SuddenkubyokeeravMetaphor. condemn, rise against, oppose; say or show openly that s.b. has done s.t. badSynku̱honereeryakujumiirakurumirizaku̱si̱ngi̱sya musangukutokeerakwama4.7.6.2Condemn, find guilty4.8.2.2Fight against something bad4.8.4.1Rebuke4.8.1.1Oppose3.5.1.8Criticizeku̱byokeerya mukonovwave the hand3. farewell

ku̱byokyav1awaken s.b. from sleep or to tell him to come out of the bedSynku̱si̱si̱mu̱la5.7.3Wake up5.7Sleep2depart; start a journeySynkusetukaku̱si̱mbu̱ra7.2.3.3Leave3lift, pick up; raise s.t. upSynkusenga 17.3Move something7.3.4.2Pick up7.3.1Carry7.3.2.4Lift7.3.8Transport7.2.2.4Move upku̱byokya b̯u̱syovmove the eyes as a way of communicating3.5.6.3Facial expression3.5Communicationku̱byokya irakavget increasingly louder2.3.2.4Loudku̱byokya mikonovsurrender; admit defeat and declare it publiclySynkunanuka24.2.6.2Sports4.8.3.3Lose a fight4.8.3.1Defeat4.8.3.4Surrender4.8.3.2Winku̱byokyanganavact of making a promise so that whoever wakes first wakes up the others5.7.3Wake up5.7Sleepkwebyokyavstraighten up, stretch up; make yourself slightly taller so as to see what is at a distance8.3.1.9Stretch7.1.7Straight posture7.1.9Move a part of the body

kucoomeravar.kucoomiraku̱coomya-coomyavrebuke; speak severely to s.b. because they have done s.t. wrong4.8.4.1Rebuke3.

kuheravpatronise, condescend; mock s.b. looking down on them due to having more wealth4.3.2.2Humble4.8.4.1Rebuke3.

kuholav1cool down, become cold8.3.4.1Cold2Metaphor. calm down; keep quiet and give up making an argumentSynkweti̱keerakwinyama 34.8.4Peace4.8.3.4Surrender3. claim, concede6. up2.3.2.5Quiet3. nothing3Metaphor. settle; stay in a place with a settled mind or without worrying about anything4.8.4Peace7.2.7.1Stop moving3., stayku̱holyav1cool; reduce the hotness of s.t.Synkwi̱nyamya silence s.t.; make s.b. stop speaking, making a noise or complainingSynkweti̱kereeryakwi̱nyamya nothing

kujumaRunyorov1curse; wish evil, calamity, destruction or injury on s.b.Synkukyena4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorcery2curse; words that hunters use on an animal so that it does not escape from them4.9.4.4Curse6.4.1Hunt4.9.4.1Sorcerykujumiiravcondemn; express very strong disapprovalSynkubyokeeraku̱honereeryakurumirizaku̱si̱ngi̱sya musangukutokeerakwama4.7.6.2Condemn, find guilty4.8.2.2Fight against something bad4.8.4.1Rebuke4.8.1.1Oppose3.5.1.8Criticizekujumuuravreverse a curse; free s.b. from a curse4.9.4.4Curse7.2.6.4Set free4.4.4.6Free from bondagekujumuurwavbe freed from a curse4.9.4.4Curse4.4.4.6Free from bondage

kuweeravtell; say words to s.b. in order to give information, an idea or your feelings3.5.8.4Show, indicate3.5.1Saykuweera muntu kwetegeeryavtell s.b. to pay attention3.1.2.3Attention4.8.4.1Rebuke3.5.1Say3.5.1.8Criticizekuweereerahovreprimand, tell off; utter a word to s.b. face to face without fearing anything4.8.4.1Rebuke3.5.1.8Criticizekuweerwavbe told; be given words, information, an idea from s.b. else3.5.1Say

kuweereerahovreprimand, tell off; utter a word to s.b. face to face without fearing anything4.8.4.1Rebuke3.5.1.8Criticizeder. ofkuweera

ku̱holyav1cool; reduce the hotness of s.t.Synkwi̱nyamya silence s.t.; make s.b. stop speaking, making a noise or complainingSynkweti̱kereeryakwi̱nyamya nothingder. ofkuhola

ku̱syomoolyavhiss at s.b. to abuse them by putting the tongue behind the upper teeth and blow in air to make some sound3.4.2.3Angry4.8.4.1Rebuke3., breath3.5.1.8Criticize3. of sounds

ku̱zi̱nda1v1condemn; express very strong disapproval4.7.6.2Condemn, find guilty4.8.2.2Fight against something bad4.8.4.1Rebuke4.8.1.1Oppose3.5.1.8Criticize2unfairly blame; infer that s.b. has done s.t. bad which he has not done3., confront
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