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kihurubihurunhole; opening that goes right through s.t. due to it getting pierced7.8.5Make hole, openingkihuru kya hakati̱ncavity in a tooth2.5.2.4Tooth decay

kihuru kya hakati̱bihuru bya hakati̱ncavity in a tooth2.5.2.4Tooth decayder. ofkihuru

kwi̱hav1thin; uproot some plants so that they give the rest space6.2.4.2Uproot plants6.2.4.4Trim plants6.2.5Harvest2harvest; remove crops, e.g., groundnuts from the garden after maturingSynku̱ku̱pu̱la6.2.5Harvestkwi̱ha meinovremove teeth from the mouth7.3.2.7Take something out of something7.3.2.8Pull2.5.2.4Tooth decaykwi̱hu̱kavbe uprooted, dislodged; removal of s.t. from where it has been firmSynku̱ku̱pu̱ka7.3.2.7Take something out of something

mudangamidangangap created by a tooth that has been pulled out5.4.6Ritual scar2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Tooth

nsanyanyansanyanyannatural gap between the upper jaw teeth2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Tooth