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kihwebihwensecret, inside information; s.t. that is known about by only a few people and not told to others7.6Hide3. your thoughts4., public3.2.3.3Secret

kubbumbav1cover; put s.t. under, inside or behind s.t. in order to hide or protect itSynku̱ku̱u̱nyu̱ka4.4.4.5Protect7.3.7.2Wrap7.3.7Cover7.5.9.2Fill, cover2Metaphor. ignore, turn a deaf ear; refuse to hear6.2.4.5Neglect plants3., bored3. someone4.3.3.2Not care3.2.6.1Forget3bury; cover with soil, e.g., when burying a corpseSynkuziika17.3.7Cover7.8.6Dig2.6.6.5Burykubbumbiranavenclose, enfold; cover s.t. into s.t. else7.3.7.2Wrap8. yourself under, inside or behind s.t.7.6Hide4.4.4.5Protect4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.6.3Escapekwebbumbiiravhide your wrong due to fear of getting ashamed3. your thoughts3.4.2.4Afraid4.4.3.2Cowardice3.

kulwotokav1disappear, vanish; move away from somewhere silently or secretly, esp. for people or animals7.6Hide2. 1kusomoka1ku̱syera2kutorokakwezi̱ba7.2.6.3Escape

kunaalavdisappear mysteriously, of a person; vanish in a way that people are not aware ofSynkunyelela 27.6Hide2.

kunyelelav1melt; solid substance turning into liquid, esp. due to heatSynkugera2kwaga11.2.3Solid, liquid, gas6.6.2.2Smelting1.1.3.4Snow, ice2vanish; disappear mysteriouslySynkunaala7.6Hide2.

ku̱bi̱si̱i̱ravconceal, hide from s.b.; put s.t. somewhere so that s.b. does not see or find it7.6Hide4.4.4.5Protect6.8.1.4Store wealth7.4.5Keep something4.1.6.5Private, public3.2.3.3Secretder. ofku̱bi̱sa

kwebi̱savhide yourself; go somewhere where you hope not to be seen or found7.6Hide4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.6.3Escapeder. ofku̱bi̱sa

kwebbumbavhide yourself under, inside or behind s.t.7.6Hide4.4.4.5Protect4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.6.3Escapeder. ofkubbumba

kyebi̱si̱robyebi̱si̱ronrefuge; place where s.b. or s.t. can hide or take shelter from danger or hardship7.6Hide4.4.4.4Save from trouble4.