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kikabikanextended family, kin, clan, cluster; group of things or people that are relatedSynluganda8. by birth4.1.9.8Family, clan8.3.5Type, kind8.1.3.3Group of things4.1.9Kinship

kufookavchange, become different; pass from one state or form into another9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something4.3.8Change behavior

kuhindulav1transfer, remove; get s.t. from somewhere and put it elsewhere7.3.3.1Take something from somewhere7.3Move something7.3.2Move something in a direction2change; transform into s.t. else9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something4.3.8Change behavior3turn around; face or start moving where you had not been facing7.2.2.6Turn4turn out; be shown or be found to be as a result in the end9.6.2.6Result9.1.2.1Happen5substitute; use s.t. instead of s.t. else8., translate; give the meaning of speech or writing in another different language3.5.8.1Meaning3.5.8Interpreting messageskuhindula makuruvmisinterpret3.2.4.1Misunderstandkuhindula ngesuvmake your behaviour better or worse than before9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improvekuhindula nteekerezavchange your opinion from the one you have been having previously3.2.5.8Change your mindkuhindulahov1make s.t. slightly different than before9.1.2.6Change something2adjust9.1.2.6Change somethingkwehindulavchange the side on which you have been lying or sleeping9.1.2.6Change something7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn7.1Posture7.3.2Move something in a direction

kuzira1vovercome, cease, totally do away with a bad habit that you have been having8. something4.3.9.2Habit6. upkwezi̱ramwov1repent, reform; show sincerely that you have done wrong, asking for forgiveness and to promising never to do it againSynkujunwa 2kwecwamu 1kwegarukamu8. something4.8.4.6Repent4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improve3.4.2.2Sorry3.2.2.6Realize2reconcile; become friends again after a disagreement4.8.4.9Reconcile4.7.7.7Atone, restitution4.1.5Unity4.8.4.8Make peace4.3.8Change behavior4.8.4.3Appease3.2.5.4Agree with someonekwezi̱ranganamuvreconcile with each other; act of unity that makes s.b. forgive anybody with whom he is working or stayingSynkwecwamu 2kwi̱rya, restitution4.1.5Unity4.8.4.8Make peace4.3.8Change behavior4.8.4.3Appease3.2.5.4Agree with someone

ku̱hi̱ngav1exchange; give s.t. and receive another in return9.1.2.6Change something6.8.4.9Exchange, trade8.; use or to do s.t. else instead of s.t.

kwahu̱kani̱av1distinguish, differentiate; give the difference between two or more things8., test3.2.6.2Recognize2segregate, discriminate, separate, divideSynkugoobeerakusoroora 3kutonda 2kutongoola7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.5.1.2Include4.7.9.4Discriminate, be unfair3divide or break s.t. into small pieces or parts7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.8Divide into piecesder. ofkwahukana

kyahu̱kanu̱adjspecial, different, separate; s.t. that is unique among othersSynkitongoolekyambaganiza

lugandangandanclass, category, cluster, clan; group in which things are categorisedSynkika8., clan4.1.4.1Social class8.3.5Type, kind

mwahu̱kanu̱baahu̱kanu̱nunique person; s.b. who is not like other people, who is incompatibleSynwa mbaganiza8.

nyahukanan1difference; nonconformity8.; variety of different things or activities8., kind