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kikwisana1advmaybe, possibly, perhaps; s.t. that might be except the truth behind it is not yet thereSynkikuhwanana9.4.4Epistemic moods9.4.4.3Probably; like, but not exactly the sameSynkikuhwanana8., similarkikwisana siyaadjexactly alike8.1.5.8Exact8., similar

kiikaru kyonyinibiikaru byonyininexact place8.5Location8.1.5.8Exactder. ofkiikaru

kyamananuadj1true; realSynkyonyi̱ni̱, exact; connected with facts rather than things that are invented, duplicated, guessed or that involve liesSynkyabiribiri 2kyonyi̱ni̱

siyaadjidentical, same; when s.t. is exactly like what has just been mentioned8.1.5.8Exact8.

taapu1advexactly; used to emphasize that s.t. is correct in every way or in every detail8.1.5.8Exact