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kipiitebakipiitenloved child or wife; s.b. singled out from many due to being very much liked4.3.3Love9.7.1.7Terms of endearment2.6.1.5Romantic love3.

kugonzeb̯wavar.kugonzwavbe loved; be very much liked due to your good self regard, good deed, etc.4.3.2Admire someone4.1.8Show affection3.4.1.1Like, love4.3.3Love2.6.1.5Romantic loveder. ofkugonza

kuhagatira1v1hold s.t. esp. a child on the waist with one arm7.3.4.4Hold7.3.1Carry2. for a baby2embrace; hold s.b. of the opposite sex on to yourself by holding their buttock, e.g., when dancing4.1.8Show affection2.6.1.5Romantic love

kuhumbatavhug, embrace; put your arms around s.b. and hold him on your body in order to show loveSynku̱gwangana mu salaka7.3.4.4Hold4.1.8Show affection2.6.1.5Romantic love

kunywegeravar.kwenywegeravTaboo. kiss; place the lips on s.b. else’s lips to express love3.5.6.3Facial expression4.1.8Show affection2.6.2Sexual relations2.6.1.5Romantic love

ku̱du̱u̱pav1persuade, convince; use attractive words to make s.b. do s.t. that you want3.3.2Request3. a relationship4.8.4.2Make an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade3. love2seduce; when a man uses convincing words towards a woman so that she gives in to him2.6.2.2Attract sexually3.3.3Influence3.3.3.3Persuadeku̱du̱u̱pi̱ravpersuade another on behalf of s.b.; use attractive words to convince s.b. to assist your friend so that your friend gets what he wants from that person3.3.2Request3. a relationship4.8.4.2Make an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade3.

kwendeb̯wavbe loved due to being graceful, sympathetic, enjoyable, friendly and attractive to people4.3.2Admire someone4.1.8Show affection3.4.1.1Like, love4.3.3Love2.6.1.5Romantic loveder. ofkwendya

kwendyanganavlove each other; be in a close loving relationship with s.b.Synkugonzangana4.1.8Show affection3.4.1.1Like, love4.3.3Love2.6.1.5Romantic loveder. ofkwendya

mugonzeb̯wabagonzeb̯waRunyoronlover, loved person; s.b. who is shown much love4.3.3Love9.7.1.7Terms of endearment2.6.1.5Romantic love

mukunzibakunzinconcubine, lover; man or a woman who are together but not officially marriedSynmu̱ti̱ngaani̱4.1.1Friend2.6.2.3Sexual immorality4.1.1.1Girlfriend, boyfriend2.6.2Sexual relations2.6.1.5Romantic love

mu̱ti̱ngaani̱bati̱ngaani̱ngirlfriend; girl or woman that s.b. is having a romantic relationship withSynmukunzi4.1.1Friend2.6.2.3Sexual immorality4.1.1.1Girlfriend, boyfriend2.6.2Sexual relations2.6.1.5Romantic love

salakamasalakanchest; top part of the front of the body, between the neck and the stomachSynmbanda2.1.2Torsoku̱gwangana mu salakavIdiom. embrace; greet s.b. with a hugSynkuhumbata3. affection2.6.1.5Romantic love