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kuhuumula1v1retire; stop working at a job due to old age or sickness7.2.3.3Leave8. something6., finish2.6.4.5Old person6. up6.1Work4. an organization2relax; rest esp. after work, effort or illnessSynkugandaaraku̱tu̱u̱ka23. posture3holiday; take a vacation3. dayskuhuumulahovnap, snooze, rest a bit; sleep lightly, esp. during day in order to get rid of fatigue3. to sleep5.7Sleepkwehu̱u̱mu̱u̱lyavgive yourself a short time off work in order to get rid of fatigue3.

kutangav1stop; make s.t. or s.b. no longer continue moving8. something3.3.4.4Prevent7.2.7.1Stop moving6., finish8. permission for a wife to go back to her family in order to force her husband to pay the remaining part of a dowry that is owed3.3.2.2Refuse to do something3.3.4.2Refuse permission2.6.1Marriage

ku̱doosereeryavfulfil; keep a promise or do what you are expected of in time3.5.1.9Promise6.1.3.2Succeed6., finish

mperumperunend of time, esp. the end of life on earth after death6., finish8., point