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ki̱i̱cabi̱i̱canvapour; water that rises in form of steam when s.t. is boiling1.2.3.3Gas1.1.3.2Cloud1.3Water

ki̱i̱nyamu̱adj1cold8.3.4.1Cold1.1.3Weather2calm3., rough3wet; neither dry nor warm1.3Water1.3.3Wet1.2.3.1Liquid4tasteless; neither sweet nor bitter2.3.3Taste

ku̱lu̱bavbecome wet; get water in s.t.1.3Water1.3.3Wet

meezi̱nwater; liquid without colour, smell, not sweet or sour, falls as rain and forms lakes, rivers and swamps1.3Waterkumala meezi̱ ku mubirivIdiom. damage, spoil, tarnish the good opinion people have of s.b.̱ gakwekuutanwaterfall1.3.1.3River