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makuruikurun1matters; situations or events that are thought about, discussed etc. about, subject3.2.1.1Think about3.5.1.2Talk about a subject2news; new information that has just happened on s.t. or what is happening around the worldSynmahu̱u̱re3.5.3.2Information3.5.2.1Report3.5.2.2News, messagemakuru gamali̱ku̱nsentence in grammar9Grammar9.1General wordsmu̱cwa makurunrumour-monger; s.b. who says words that are not true about s.b. who is not present3.; s.b. who has the responsibility of spreading newsSynmu̱rangi̱waamahu̱u̱re3., television3.5.2.2News, message

nsonga1nsonganreason, purpose; aim that makes you do s.t.Synb̯ulyo9.6.2.7Purpose, goal9. mu nsongavTaboo. Euph. menstruate; undergo the female process that causes bleeding from the uterus every monthSynkubba ku mweri̱ organsnsonga gi̱handu̱nmain point of a given topic3. about, subject8.3.7.5Important8.

nsonga gi̱handu̱nsonga zi̱handu̱nmain point of a given topic3. about, subject8.3.7.5Important8. ofnsonga1