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kubbanikavput s.t. up on top of s.t. that is higher than yourself, e.g., up on a shelf7.5.9Put7.3.2.4Lift8.2.6.3Highkwebbanikavclimb up to the peak of s.t. up

kujungavchuck, dump; put s.t. into s.t. else anyhow without any care7.5.9Put7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.2.6Put in7.3.1.1ThrowkwejungavMetaphor. get involved into s.t. when initially you were not part of the plan7.5.1.2Include4.2.1.6Participatekwejungamuv1Metaphor. meddle, pry, nose in; become involved in s.t. that does not concern youSynkwebbwogi̱ramukwekaakyamukwekiikamu 1kwesu̱bbamu 1kwezi̱ngi̱i̱ryamu4.3.4.7Enter by force3.3.3.6Control4.2.1.6Participate4.3.4.6Meddle2Metaphor. enter by force; come or go into s.t. unexpectedly and without permissionSynkwemigamu 2kwesu̱bbamu 2kwingiira3.3.3.6Control4.2.1.6Participate4.3.4.6Meddle

kutav1put; place s.t. somewhereSynkwi̱cya7.3Move something7.5.9Put7.3.4.3Put down2form; fashion9.1.2.5Make9.1.2.3Create3add on7.5.2.3Add to something8.1.4.2Increase4tune; adjust for better functioning, e.g., tune a radio4.2.3Music3.5.9.5Recorded music3.5.9.1Radio, television5switch on, e.g., electricity8.4.6.1Start something6bear; for a plant to produce leaves or bear fruit1.5.6Growth of plantskutamuv1put in, insert s.t. inside s.t. in2include; make s.t. be part of a group7.5.2.3Add to something7.5.1.2Include7.3.2.6Put inkutamu maanivencourage; give s.b. support, courage or hope, or to persuade s.b. to do s.t. by making it easier for them and making them believe it is a good thing to doSynkwekambi̱syakwi̱ryamu maani4. for, support3. with3. for4.3.2Admire someone3.2.5.9Approve of something3.4.1.1Like, love

kuteerav1be slippery; when it is impossible to hold s.t. firmly7., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty2put s.t. onto s.t.7.5.9Put7.3.2.6Put in7.3.2.5Lower something7.3.4.3Put downkutereravslide down, slip over against muddy ground and almost fall or fall7., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficultyku̱tereeryavmake s.t. smooth8.3.2.1Smooth