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kudengeetavfloat; remain on the surface of water without sinkingSynkusuuleeba1.3.4Be in waterkudengeetyavhang, suspend, dangle; put s.t. up and let it swing in the airSynkubamba

kumera2v1swallow; move food through the throat so that it goes into the stomach5.2.2Eat2submerge; fill or cover completely with a liquid7. down7.3.2.6Put in1.3.4Be in water

kusuuleebavfloat; stay on or near the surface of a liquid and not sinkSynkudengeeta1.3.4Be in water

kutumbulukavfloat; move from beneath the water and rise up on the surface1.3.4Be in water

kwebbu̱bbu̱ti̱ri̱i̱ryavdive, swim under water; immerse yourself completely in water without inhaling7. in1.3.4Be in water7.

kwicanikiravsink; go down below the surface or towards the bottom of a liquid or soft substanceSynkubbuta 1ku̱di̱ki̱raku̱gi̱zi̱ra7. down7. in water