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kujumburavflee; sudden flight of an animal from its hiding due to excessive flushing out by hunters7.2.1.2Move quickly1.6.4.1Animal movement7.2.6.3Escape7.2.3.1Move away7.2.1Manner of movement6.4.1Hunt7.

kurugahovar.kurugahoonav1leave a place, a job, a person, a group, etc. and go somewhere else7.2.3.3Leave7.2.3.2Go8.5.2.6Away from7.2.3.1Move away2stop trying to do s.t. something4.3.3.3Abandon6. up3be contented with s.b.’s quality, trait, etc.

kusambiravreturn, retreat, back off; cancel out from a journey you had planned to take or to retreat before reaching where you had been going7.2.3.1Move away7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move back

kwesu̱mavmove yourself towards or backwards from s.t. away7.2.3Move toward somethingder. ofku̱su̱ma