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kudiiriirav1profit greatly from a certain piece of work without reinvesting in it or to use s.t. well in order to gain as much from it as possible6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn2exploit; make s.b. work for you and not pay them fairly in returnSynkukamula 2ku̱koresya 3kunywereera a person3eat other people’s food on top of yours5.2.2Eat5.2.2.4Manner of eating

magobaigobanprofit; money that a trader remains with after deducting the cost price from the selling price6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn

nzi̱ngi̱i̱ryanzi̱ngi̱i̱ryanincome; money that s.b. earns from work or in business6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn