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kufeerezavcause loss; make s.b. lose s.t.7.6.3Lose, misplaceder. ofkufeerwa

kufeerwavlose s.t. or s.b.2.6.6Die7.6.3Lose, misplacekufeerezavcause loss; make s.b. lose s.t.7.6.3Lose, misplace

kugumav1drop, fall; let s.t. land down, esp. by accident7.3.1.4Knock over7., topple; cause s.t. that is upright to land down7.3.1.4Knock over7.; throw down7.3.1.4Knock over7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.1.1Throw7.3.2.5Lower something7. eggs1.6.3Animal life cycle6.3.6Poultry raising1.6.3.1Egg6.3.6.1Chicken5lose; misplace s.t.Synkurugwahoku̱syereerya7.6.3Lose, misplacekugumira2vanchor; tie a boat so that it does not float away7.

ku̱syereeryavlose, misplace; be unable to find s.t. or s.b.Synkuguma 5kurugwaho7.6.3Lose, misplaceder. ofku̱syera2