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kugumav1drop, fall; let s.t. land down, esp. by accident7.3.1.4Knock over7., topple; cause s.t. that is upright to land down7.3.1.4Knock over7.; throw down7.3.1.4Knock over7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.1.1Throw7.3.2.5Lower something7. eggs1.6.3Animal life cycle6.3.6Poultry raising1.6.3.1Egg6.3.6.1Chicken5lose; misplace s.t.Synkurugwahoku̱syereerya7.6.3Lose, misplacekugumira2vanchor; tie a boat so that it does not float away7.

kujungavchuck, dump; put s.t. into s.t. else anyhow without any care7.5.9Put7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.2.6Put in7.3.1.1ThrowkwejungavMetaphor. get involved into s.t. when initially you were not part of the plan7.5.1.2Include4.2.1.6Participatekwejungamuv1Metaphor. meddle, pry, nose in; become involved in s.t. that does not concern youSynkwebbwogi̱ramukwekaakyamukwekiikamu 1kwesu̱bbamu 1kwezi̱ngi̱i̱ryamu4.3.4.7Enter by force3.3.3.6Control4.2.1.6Participate4.3.4.6Meddle2Metaphor. enter by force; come or go into s.t. unexpectedly and without permissionSynkwemigamu 2kwesu̱bbamu 2kwingiira3.3.3.6Control4.2.1.6Participate4.3.4.6Meddle

kukasukavthrow; quickly and strongly push s.t. from your hands through the air7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.1.1Throw

kutoolavar.kutoolamukutoolamwovget, remove, eliminate, take away, pick s.t. and take it elsewhere, separating it from others7.3.3.1Take something from somewhere7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.3.2.7Take something out of something7.3.2.8Pull7.4.5.2Throw away7.5.2.4Remove, take apart7.4.3Getkutoolahovsubtract; take a number or an amount away from another number or amount8.1.2.3Subtract numberskutoolayo mei̱sovavert your eyes; look away4.4.3.3Avoid3.1.2.4Ignore2.3.1.1Lookkutoolwahovbe exempted, set free from a responsibility; be permitted not to keep on meeting a financial obligation, e.g., tax3.3.4.3Exemptkwetoolahov1Metaphor. disassociate; say or do s.t. to show that you are not connected with or do not support s.b., alone4.1.6.2Set self apart4.1.6Disunity9.6.1.6Dissociation2Metaphor. do s.t. in order to avoid being blamed or as a pretext of avoiding being blamed4.4.3.3Avoid4.7.6.3Fault3. dodge, avoid s.b. so that you don’t have to help them, deal with them or have a friendly relationship with themSynkwesalaho

ku̱bbi̱gi̱bbi̱i̱ryavfling; throw s.t. like a club with force, esp. due to anger7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.1.1Throw

ku̱cu̱ngyavtoss; throw s.t. up in the sky, e.g., a spear or a club far away7.4.5.2Throw away7.3.1.1Throwkwecu̱ngyavfly up; go extremely high in the sky, e.g., to be at the top of a tree7.2.4.3Fly7.2.2.4Move up

ku̱ju̱gu̱nyavar.ku̱ju̱gu̱navthrow away; discard s.t. because of it having no use8. away