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kuhahaaravwander; move to a distant place away from your home without any particular sense of purpose or direction esp. due to desperationSynkuhambaara1.6.4.1Animal movement7.2.1.1Walk7.2Move7.2.1.3Wander

kulibatav1walk; move on foot without running7.2.1.1Walk2travel; move from one place to another, esp. over a long distance e.g. to travel around the world, across Africa, etc.7.2.4Travel7.2.4.1Travel by landkulibata b̯utamaga i̱nyu̱mavmove in a straight line; go direct without turning either way7.2.2Move in a direction7.2.2.9Move straight without turningkulibatiiravgo somewhere for a purpose3.3.1.6Determined7.2Move7.2.3Move toward something

ndibatandibatantransport, walking, motion, movement, transmission; action that makes s.b. or s.t. move from one place to another7.3Move something7.3.1Carry7.3.8Transport7.2Movebya ndibatantransportation7.3Move something7.3.8Transport