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kuhandiikavwrite; make letters or numbers, esp. by a pen or a pencil3.5.7.1Writeki̱teebeerwe mu b̯u̱handi̱i̱ki̱nrecord; information that has been put in written form3.5.3.2Information3.5.7.2Written material3.5.7.5Recordkuhandiika mu ngeeravwrite poetry; compose poems3.5.7.1Write3.5.4.4Poetryku̱handi̱ki̱syavregister; cause s.b.’s name to be recorded on an official list4.6.6.4Election3.5.7.5Record4. an organizationkwehandi̱ki̱syavregister; enter your name in a book4.6.6.4Election3.5.7.5Record4. an organizationlubbaahu lwa kuhandiikirahonblackboard; flat thin piece of wood or a smooth wall painted black or dark green where teachers write with a piece of chalk3.6.2School3.5.7Reading and writing

kuhandiika mu ngeeravwrite poetry; compose poems3.5.7.1Write3.5.4.4Poetryder. ofkuhandiika

lukaarankaaran1verse, line; small section of a song or of a chapter in a bible8.3.1.2Line4.2.3.3Sing4.9.3.1Sacred writings3.5.4.4Poetry2series; things done one after the other8., sequence8.1.1Numberlukaara lwa hakati̱naxis8.3.1.2Line8.1.2.1Mathematics