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kukwata1v1touch, handle, hold; place a hand on s.t. or to have s.t. in your handsSynkugaza something7.3.4.1Touch7.2.6.2Prevent from moving2catch; seize so as to bring under control by tying with a rope6.4.2Trap7.3.4.4Hold7.2.6.1Catch, capture6.4.6Things done to animals7.2.6.2Prevent from moving3catch up with; reach s.b. who has been ahead of you7.2.1.2Move quickly7.2.6Pursue7.2.5.2Follow7.2.6.1Catch, capture7.2.3.5Move past, over, through4arrest; take s.b. into custody due to them committing a crime4., capture5set broken bones; tie a stick around a broken bone or press an injured part of the body using the leaves of a certain tropical tree7.5.2Join, attach2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine6memorise3.2.6.3Memorize3.2.6Remember7receive; take or accept s.t. that you have been given or have boughtSynkufunakutunga 17.4.3Get7.4.2Receive8pay a deposit6.8.4.5Pay6.8.4.7Spendkukwata mu ngaluvshake hands3. farewell3.2.5.4Agree with someonekukwataganavbe congested; squeezed closely together7.3.2.9Push8.3.6.4Dense7.3.2.6Put in8.1.8Full8.2.7.3Wedged in, stuckkukwata-kwatavtouch; put your hands or fingers onto s.t. many times and sometimes leave some spotsSynkugaza-gazaku̱ti̱ga-ti̱ga7.3.4Handle something2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.4.1Touchkukwatanganav1compete; struggle with s.b. in a fight, contest, etc.Synku̱nyeega 1kusimbiranwa4.2.6.2Sports4.8.2Fight4. with4.6.6.4Election2touch each other8.5.1.5Touching, contact3be in accord8. to do something3.2.5.4Agree with someonekukwatirahovlend a hand to what s.b. is doing4.4.4Respond to someone in trouble4.3.4.2Helpkukwatiirav1support; help s.b. who is in a difficult or unhappy situation4. for, support4. for2support; hold s.t. up so that it does not fall7.3.4.4Hold6.7.5Fastening tool7.3.4.6Support3bear a grudge; be revengeful and unable to forgive3.4.2.3Angry4.3.3.1Hate, ill will3., detestkukwatwahovbe responsible, concerned; have knowledge, relationship or responsibility for s.t. for, support3.2.1.1Think about4. for4.4.4.1Mercy4.3.4Do good to4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support3., selflessku̱kwati̱syavcause s.t. or s.b. to get caught4. of war8. something7.2.6.1Catch, capture6.4.6Things done to animals7.2.6.2Prevent from movingku̱kwatyav1join together, fasten; put or stick s.t. onto anotherSynku̱teereni̱a 1ku̱tu̱mi̱rakuyunga7.5.2Join, attach6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.2.1Link, connect7.5.4.1Rope, string7.5.4Tie2discover; find out information about s.t., unknown3.2.2Learn3entrust7.4.1Give, hand to4. to the care of3.; surrender s.b. or s.t. to anotherSynkuhemba1 37.4.1Give, hand to

kulwanavfight; struggle physically with s.b. or shoot bullets at s.b.4.8.2Fight4.8.2.3Attack4. with7.7.1Hit3. to save s.b./s.t. in danger, e.g., death, pain, loss, etc. against something bad4.6.6.3Represent3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.3Persuade3.2.5.9Approve of something4.8.2.1Fight for something good4.7.5.4Defend against accusation2Metaphor. advocate, recommend; support s.t. publicallySynkuhagira 1kuheega 2kusemba14.8.2.4Defend4.8.2.2Fight against something bad4.6.6.3Represent3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.1Suggest3.3.3.3Persuade3.2.5.9Approve of something4.7.4.1Legal personnel4.8.2.1Fight for something good4.7.5.4Defend against accusationku̱lwani̱syav1fight4.8.2Fight4.8.2.3Attack4. with7.7.1Hit3. try very hard to do s.t. when it is difficult or when there are a lot of problemsSynkugada-gadakuguuguuzaku̱nyeega 2kupatakakupatikanakupoolookaku̱ri̱i̱tya1ku̱ti̱takuwaya-wayakwekambakwenyamula 2kwesabbula3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.6Endure6.1.2.1Try, attempt6. hard3Metaphor. take a chance or gamble; try anything possible in the hope of being successfulSynku̱yi̱i̱ya4.4.4.8Risk6.1.2.1Try, attempt4.2.6.4Gamblingkwelwanahovdefend yourself; protect yourself from an attack or accusationSynkwesobooraho 2kwetongonaho4.4.4.4Save from trouble4.4.4.5Protect9.1.2.2React, respond4.8.2.4Defend3. against something bad4.8.2.1Fight for something good4.7.5.4Defend against accusation

kuteereerav1advise, admonish; strongly tell s.b. what you think they should do in a particular situationSynkuha magezi̱kuhab̯urakuhanakuhanulira 1kulamba3.3.3.7Warn3.3.3.2Advise4.8.4.2Make an appeal2condemn s.t. bad; be able to foresee s.t. bad that might happen in the future and speak against it before it really happens4.8.2.2Fight against something bad4.8.2Fight4. with

ku̱nyeegav1wrestle; fight s.b. by holding them and trying to throw or force them to the groundSynkukwatangana 1kusimbiranwa4.2.6.2Sports4.8.2Fight4. with2Metaphor. struggle; try very hard to do s.t. when it is difficult or when there are a lot of problemsSynkugada-gadakuguuguuzaku̱lwani̱sya 2kupatakakupatikanakupoolookaku̱ri̱i̱tya1ku̱ti̱takuwaya-wayakwekambakwenyamula 2kwesabbula3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.6Endure6.1.2.1Try, attempt6. hard

ku̱rombavmeet, converge; find yourself in one place with another either intentionally or accidentally4.2.1.5Meeting, assembly4.2.1.2Encounter4.2.1.7Crowd, group4.2.1Come together, form a group4.1.3.1Meet for the first time7.5.1Gather4.2.1.3Meet togetherku̱rombyavcompete; face s.b. or s.t. you can not easily outcompete in a struggle4.2.6.2Sports4.8.2Fight4. with

ku̱rombyavcompete; face s.b. or s.t. you can not easily outcompete in a struggle4.2.6.2Sports4.8.2Fight4. withder. ofku̱romba

kwesimba1vcontest, compete; take part in a competition, election, etc. and try to win it4.2.6.2Sports4.8.2Fight4. with4.6.6.4Electionkwesimbamuvhinder, oppose; make it difficult for s.b. to do s.t. or s.t. to happenSynkwekiikamu to do something4. permission7.2.6.2Prevent from moving

mpaka1mpakan1argument, quarrel; discussion in which two or more people angrily disagreeSynnkaayane3.; event in which people compete with each other to find out who is the best at s.t. withkubamba mpakavIdiom. argue; exchange words with s.b. with each disagreeing to what the other is saying3. person; s.b. who stubbornly protests even the truth3.

munyanzigwabanyanzigwanenemy, rival; s.b. who hates you or who speaks against youSynkanyagwemwani̱ontamuhiira with

nzi̱gonzi̱gonrivalry, enmity, hostility; state in which two people or companies are at logger heads with each other4.8.1Hostility3.4.2.3Angry4.3.3.1Hate, ill will4. with4.